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Environmental Racism Is Bad for Your Brain (VIDEO)

Two new books highlight how pollution is corrupting the bodies — and minds — of people of color. Source: Pexels There are a lot of explanations for the apparent gap in IQ test scores of white Americans and Americans of color. Some experts point to things like bias in the exam itself, or the fact that white students tend to goREAD MORE


As the Coal Industry Falls Apart, Miners Face Losing Their Pensions

The Trump administration continues to tout its commitment to coal, but it has failed to protect miners from the industry’s inexorable collapse. A miner holds a piece of coal. Source: Peabody Energy In June, the Trump administration unveiled one of its largest environmental rollbacks to date: replacing the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan rule, which regulated carbonREAD MORE


The Radical Philosophy of Extinction Rebellion

“When it’s a fight for your life, you’re willing to throw down.” An Extinction Rebellion protest on Blackfriars Bridge in London, November 17, 2018. Source: Julia Hawkins New York police recently arrested 66 protestors who rallied outside The New York Times building to compel the newspaper to make climate change a front-page issue. The demonstrators belonged to ExtinctionREAD MORE

Electric Flight - Nexus Media

Electric Flight is the Future of Air Travel

This fall, teen Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg will be touring the United States, attending two different climate summits in New York and Brazil to speak with world leaders. But the hardest part of the trip may not be wrangling foreign dignitaries, motivating crowds, or making high-profile TV appearances. Thunberg has sworn off flying, making herREAD MORE

GE's Investment Mistake

GE’s Investment Mistake Could Cost Billions

A new report says the industrial giant misread the tea leaves on clean energy — and should serve as a warning to businesses worldwide. Last week, General Electric announced it would close a California gas plant 20 years ahead of schedule. The Inland Empire Energy Center in California, the company said, was “uneconomical to support further” in partREAD MORE

Fossil Fuel Protests - Nexus Media News

Fossil Fuel Protesters Push a Coal Plant to Become a Solar-Powered Data Center

How activists turned around a plan for more fossil fuels. Lisa Marshall isn’t your typical activist. For one thing, she’s not into crowds and didn't originally see herself among the legion of fossil fuel protesters. “I don’t really like rallies,” Marshall, a mom of three from upstate New York, said. “They’re a little stressful — not my favorite thing.”READ MORE

Rare Earth Minerals

How to Make More Electric Cars Without More Destructive Mining

Experts call for recycling EV batteries to meet the growing demand for rare earth metals. Climate warriors like to imagine a future where electric cars put oil companies out of business. Firms would stop injecting known carcinogens into the ground to break up the layer of hard, shale rock hiding stores of fuel, and they wouldREAD MORE

Amazon Climate Nexus Media News

The Climate Rebellion Inside Amazon

When Kathryn Dellinger moved to the Pacific Northwest five years ago to take a position at Amazon, she fretted over friends and relatives back home in Virginia as successive hurricanes tore apart coastal towns on the East Coast. But when wildfires ripped through Washington state last summer, filling the Seattle area with smoke, Dellinger had someoneREAD MORE

plastics nexus media news

Plastics Are Sealing The Planet’s Fate

It’s impossible to imagine modern life without plastics. From the moment the day begins, we are using plastic. It’s in our toothbrushes, our shower curtains and our phones. We use it on on the way to work in bus seats, car dashboards and bicycle helmets. We see it at lunch in takeout containers and disposable utensils.READ MORE

Puerto Rico Nexus Media News

Trump Failed Puerto Rico. These People Picked up the Cost.

Every morning, Luz Hernandez goes to work at her hair salon on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, a neighborhood fixture without a website or a Facebook page, where a trim costs $40 and customers can get a cup of coffee while they wait. Every night, she returns to a full fridge in an air-conditioned homeREAD MORE

Looking up at trees

The Simple, yet Elusive, Key to Fighting the Climate Crisis

A new scientific report finds human behaviors are driving the extinction of non-human species at a rate so severe that the subsequent disappearance of life will soon be a threat to human health and prosperity. Habitat destruction on land, over-fishing in the seas and overconsumption across much of the globe, among other things, now threaten toREAD MORE

Automakers Electric Cars

Big Automakers Grudgingly Buy Into EVs. Oil Majors Still Lag Behind.

In just three years, many electric cars will sport the same sticker price as their gas-powered counterparts, according to a recent analysis. Electrification, as well as other advances like ride-sharing and driverless cars, will radically overhaul the transportation sector. The next decade will see sweeping changes to the way we get around, and everyone is copingREAD MORE

Helping Flint Cope With Lead Pollution

Flint, Michigan. Source: Connor Coyne The poisoning of Flint is a tragedy without end. Five years after learning their water supply was laced with lead, the residents of this Michigan town 66 miles northwest of Detroit still are reeling. And they may be doing so for a long time. “We were and remain in deep trauma… graspingREAD MORE

teens climate change

Kids Give ‘Em Hell About High Water

Lorenzo de Simone, 13, isn’t old enough to vote, but he’s old enough to lobby Massachusetts state lawmakers, seeking their support for a carbon pricing bill that would impose fees on fossil fuel companies. The Boston 8th grader plans to show up at the state capital in Boston on Tuesday. “My house could be underwater inREAD MORE

climate change air force

Climate Change Is Costing the Air Force Billions

Greg Brudnicki, mayor of Panama City, Florida, has lived in the community for 55 years and said he has never seen a storm like Hurricane Michael. The cyclone barreled through the Florida panhandle in October, flattening beach neighborhoods and piling 20 years’ worth of debris on Panama City alone. Tyndall Air Force Base, located 12 milesREAD MORE

climate change lawsuits

These Lawyers are Creating an ALEC for Climate Change

For the last forty-odd years, the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, has been a mainstay of the conservative movement and major force in shaping state laws. The organization brings together state lawmakers and corporate leaders to draft business-friendly policies that are then ferried to statehouses around the country. ALEC is a primary reason why Iowa,READ MORE

exxon valdez

Thirty Years After Exxon Valdez, Fossil Fuel Dangers Remain

Shortly after midnight on March 24, 1989, the Exxon Valdez — an oil tanker carrying 53 million gallons of North Slope crude oil — hit a reef in the Gulf of Alaska, ripping half a dozen holes in the hull of the ship. More than 11 million gallons of crude oil leaked into the pristine waters and vibrant ecosystem ofREAD MORE

jair bolsonaro amazon

How ‘Tropical Trump’ is Harnessing Racism to Destroy the Amazon

If you’ve never heard of Ricardo Salles, it’s helpful to think of him as another version of Scott Pruitt. There’s a lot that the Brazilian environmental minister has in common with the former EPA administrator, who rolled back  countless environmental protections while meeting with fossil fuel industry insiders. Like Pruitt, Salles seems poised to serve industryREAD MORE

rendering of jellyfish above getty

The Power of Beauty

Alexis Frasz believes we use art to create meaning, and to define what we think is possible — or impossible. This is one of the reasons she’s exploring its role in addressing climate change. Frasz, a writer and researcher, wants to build public support for tackling environmental challenges using art. She thinks that art can help people copeREAD MORE

girl scouts climate change

Girl Scouts Honor Climate Change

Margaret Goodman, a retired foreign affairs expert who is now in her 70s, has never forgotten the positive impact the Girl Scouts had on her life. “I loved it because I love the outdoors,” she said. “We hiked, and camped and canoed whenever we could. We were a bunch of kids who never got tired ofREAD MORE

carbon farming green new deal nexus media news

An Opportunity for Farmers In a Green New Deal

This month, a group of Democratic lawmakers called for an ambitious plan for the United States to reach net-zero carbon pollution. While experts debate whether the proposal is technologically or politically feasible, the so-called Green New Deal is about more than shifting to cleaner, more advanced forms of energy sources. It’s also about shifting to moreREAD MORE

Detroit, Michigan. Source: Doug Zuba

For Detroit Students, Water Fountains Are Health Hazards

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has created an office for clean water, housed within the newly formed Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy, to investigate complaints about water quality. “Right now, communities across our state don’t trust the water coming out of their taps, and there is a real lack of trust in state government,” WhitmerREAD MORE

climate change cold winter

Climate Change May Be Fueling Cold Winter Spells in the Northeast

Early this week, record cold blasted the Northeast, as Boston, Massachusetts saw a high of 10 degrees F, and nearby Worcester saw the temperature top out at just 1 degree F. Meteorologists say this is just the beginning of a lengthy stretch of freezing weather. Paradoxically, frosty winter temperatures in some areas have been linked toREAD MORE

car companies electric cars

Car Companies Aren’t Even Trying to Sell Electric Cars (VIDEO)

Manufacturers and dealers are putting more time and effort into selling gas-guzzling trucks and SUVs. This article is part of a series about barriers to the widespread adoption of electric cars. Head to a Ford dealership and ask about an F-150. You will be shown its features, invited on a test drive, and treated to a carefullyREAD MORE


Unable to Challenge Climate Science, Trump’s EPA Targets Climate Law

The Trump administration is looking for legal loopholes that will allow it to weaken limits on carbon pollution. Environmental Protection Agency headquarters in Washington, DC. Source: Environmental Protection Agency In 2007, the Supreme Court ruled that if the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determined that carbon dioxide emissions threaten public health, the EPA would be required toREAD MORE


Meeting Paris Agreement Targets Would Create 24 Million Jobs Globally

A rapid transition to clean energy would create, not eliminate, jobs. A construction worker. Source: Pexels This month, when diplomats met in Poland to negotiate the implementation of the Paris Agreement, the United States took on the role of the villain. The United States, which plans to formally withdraw from the pact, rejected a landmark scientific reportREAD MORE

Hurricane Florence. Source: NASA

This Map Shows Which Communities Need the Most Help in a Disaster

Armed with howling winds and punishing rain, Hurricane Florence laid siege to Lumberton, North Carolina earlier this month. To a town where more than a third of residents live below the poverty line, the storm brought all manner of mayhem. It made quick work of a temporary dam, sending floodwaters rushing into the poorest neighborhoods, low-lyingREAD MORE

Protestors at the Global Climate Action Summit, September 13, 2018. Source: Nexus Media

Anger and Ambition at the Global Climate Action Summit

Earlier this week, California Governor Jerry Brown (D) signed an executive order setting a goal of reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2045, arguably the most significant climate target ever set. But in the days after Brown’s announcement, activists took to the street to say, “Not good enough.” Hundreds marched outside the Moscone Center in SanREAD MORE


Katrina Survivors Call for Reproductive Rights (VIDEO)

“This is not just about recovering from Katrina. This is about building a system of recovery for what we know is coming.” New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Source: Pixabay Thirteen years ago, Hurricane Katrina stole the lives of more than 1,800 Americans and plunged New Orleans into pandemonium. Locals marked the storm’s anniversary by looking to the past,READ MORE


Mothers and Kids Hold ‘Play-In’ Against Climate Change (VIDEO)

“This is about our children and the kind of lives that they are going to have and that their children are going to have.” Parents and children hold a “play-in” calling on lawmakers to address climate change. Source: Nexus Media Hundreds of protestors, mostly mothers and their children, took to Capitol Hill Wednesday to call on lawmakers toREAD MORE


Heartland Institute Wants to Abolish EPA for 50-State Committee

What could go wrong? Environmental Protection Agency headquarters in Washington, DC. Source: Environmental Protection Agency Yesterday, the Heartland Institute’s environment page— on which materials are typically ordered chronologically with new posts at the top — reposted a policy brief from 2014. The proposal? Replacing the EPA with a “Committee of the Whole of the 50 state environmental protection agencies.”READ MORE


Uncovering the Mental Health Crisis of Climate Change

How to move people from apathy to action Source: Pexels The young man believed he only had five years to live. “Not because he was sick,” said Kate Schapira, “not because anything was wrong with him, but because he believed that life on Earth would be impossible for humans.” The sign on Schapira’s booth read: CLIMATE ANXIETYREAD MORE


Fossil Fuels’ Dirty Secret: Climate Action or Not, Things Look Bad

“There is no walking out from the energy transition.” Source: Pixabay Ten years ago Blockbuster CEO Jim Keyes said he wasn’t worried about digital streaming. “I’ve been frankly confused by this fascination that everybody has with Netflix,” he said. Blockbuster’s head of digital strategy echoed this sentiment, asserting the company was “strategically better positioned than almostREAD MORE


Racial Resentment May Be Fueling Climate Denial

New research finds a link between racial prejudice and climate change denial. Source: Tony Webster What began as a way of trolling Prius drivers became a signature protest against America’s first black president — rolling coal. Drivers spend hundreds or thousands of dollars retrofitting their trucks so they can blanket cyclists, motorists and pedestrians with thick, black clouds of exhaust.READ MORE